5 Subtle Indicators of Depression to Never Ignore


Victor Hugo said, and he was right, “Laughter is sunshine; it drives winter from the face of man.”

But what happens when people laugh to hide their true emotions?

What happens to the brightest among us when it turns out to be the cloudiest? Depression may be like an invisible ghost that no one can see, not even the person who is being haunted. It’s like attempting to grab a puff of smoke with your fingers.

Depression isn’t always easy to see. Crying into your pillow at 2 a.m. isn’t the only symptom of depression. Sometimes it’s not overt or loud or harmful looking. In the manner of a flame that doesn’t roar yet manages to swallow everything in its path.

Despite the rain, the rubber duck waddles. Like a cloud, sadness might be scarcely perceptible and misinterpreted. Unseen and unheard, this storm affects many.

Today, we are going to talk about the subtle signs of depression we frequently overlook. Let’s unpack these five subtle signs.

1. The Jester in the King’s Court

People with depression may seem like life’s party makers, like a court clown who makes jokes to hide his pain. But what is hiding behind the smile?

The late Robin Williams was a famous actor and comedian who may ring a bell. Our hearts were filled with delight by his infectious laughter and timeless humor, yet he was struggling with the demons of despair.

Subtle Indicator:

If the person’s laughing looks forced or if it seems like they are overacting, it may be a disguised plea for support. Constant joking may be a defense mechanism, a wall erected to keep out the pain that’s within.

2. The Overzealous Workhorse

The complete absorption in one’s profession or interests may provide therapeutic benefits; however, at what point does this involvement become excessive? There is a theory in psychology called “Behavioural Activation” that explains how doing things you like may boost your mood.

Subtle Indicator:

When the pendulum swings too far and the person immerses themselves in work or hobbies to escape, it might be an indication of depression. And I believe this, avoiding unpleasant emotions by focusing on anything else is a subtle warning flag.

3. Changes in the Temple

The human body is an incredible place of worship. Like every house of worship, though, it runs the risk of falling into ruin. Alterations in one’s normal schedule of eating or sleeping might be indicators of issues beyond just physical strain.

Subtle Indicator:

When someone who normally sleeps like a baby becomes a night owl, or when the pizza lover suddenly stops eating pizza, it’s more than simply a lifestyle shift. It may be a hint of the inner turmoil that is brewing.

4. The Artist’s Blue Period

The loss of a close friend led to Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period, during which the artist’s palette was dominated by blues and blue-greens. Those who are battling their demons often find solace and release in creative outlets.

Subtle Indicator:

If a person’s creative output suddenly shifts towards more melancholy or gloomy topics, it may be their soul’s way of sending out a distress signal.

5. The Chameleon Effect

Depression is chameleon-like. Its adaptability may astonish. Depression may cause irritability.

Subtle Indicator:

If a patient person suddenly becomes short-tempered or irritable, it may not just be a mood flip. It may be depression but disguised as something else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”

In real life, depression seldom looks as it does in fiction. Sometimes it’s the laughing clown, the hard worker, the small changes in routine, the sad art, or the anger.

As the saying goes, not all storms come to mess up your life; some come to clear your way.

These modest indicators may help identify and manage depression. After all, there’s always a bright side to every cloud, and being aware of these hints might be the first step toward finding it.

This blog post is written only for educational purposes and not as a consultant, totally based on my knowledge, my opinion, and the information that I got on the internet.

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